What to see if you find it difficult to admit that you are different? – Discover your otaku path

My Dress-Up Darling: What to watch if you have a hard time admitting that you are different? – Discover your otaku path

My Dress-Up Darling is a success due to several community considerations. Fans went crazy over the great animation. On the other hand, the protagonist is sweet and warm, plus she has a stereotypically beautiful design.

Also present, of course, are the ecchi touches, and as icing on the cake – and most importantly – is the path of teenagers who will learn to deal with their feelings, emotions and, of course, face the brutality of the future combined with their hobbies.. These teenagers will recognize and accept themselves with all the parts that make them up and make them who they are!

  My Dress-Up Darling will soon announce its second season.  Do you want to see more series of freaks finding their way without shame?: Your top.
Source: Square Enix

Accept that you are otaku?

Do you find it difficult to accept certain things about yourself? The truth is that it is difficult to recognize somewhat strange things about yourself, details that make us different from others and that, by making us unique and special, could also make us a little marginal.

However, it must be remembered that Now being an otaku is much cooler than before. Currently, we have many spaces where we can meet to enjoy our hobbies with people with whom we share interests.

Although accepting “out of the ordinary” hobbies will definitely always have an uncomfortable nuance – however, now you find otaku in any corner and places that sell Asian food are becoming easier to find, probably due to demand, congratulations! We are no longer the strangest and that allows us to breathe more easily.

Watching anime that invites us to accept ourselves is important for us, at the end of the day it is a safe space. Without further ado, I present to you a small section of anime that may interest you.

  My Dress-Up Darling will soon announce its second season.  Do you want to see more series of freaks finding their way without shame?: Your top.
Source: Square Enix

What anime can I watch if I liked My Dress-Up Darling? – The otaku path

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

It is the brand new work of Fujita. In it we are introduced to a whole freak cast. There is the gamer, the otaku, the cosplayer and of course, the closet otaku.

However, beyond the relationship of friends that exists, it allows us to elaborate on the romance and affections between otaku; in addition to presenting the fears and insecurities, both as a couple and individually, of all the characters in the cast who, it should be noted, each one has a different personality from the other.

In Wotakoi We will see Narumi grow as an otaku, in addition to maturing her romance differently. The delivery is epic, quite charming in every way! Narumi has a very different traumatic panorama from Marin’s. My Dress-Up Darling but the protagonist is also charming and follows her hobbies with passion, just with a lower profile. By the end of the series, Narumi will become more comfortable with who she is.

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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

It is an anime in which we see a little girl with “eighth grade syndrome.” Because of this, she thinks she has supernatural powers – quite fantastic, just like those in the manga installments, which ultimately evoke fantasy environments. However, there is more to it than the dramatic setting and we appreciate it eventually.

The installment presents a pair of young people who live together. WhileThe protagonist faces the syndrome and later, after abruptly overcoming it, has to face what “caused it.” All of this is psychological chaos and it is worth noting, at the end of the day, some “particularities” of the syndrome were inherent to it, no matter how strange they seemed. So, in this way, the little girl, along with her inseparable friend, will deal with it by making sure she accepts herself.


It is an anime that focuses on the gamer community – At the end of the day, we are part of the same freak universe. It is a romantic comedy installment that in principle will allow us to see the dynamics of the players, in addition to the expectations they generate for others.

There is an ambiguous issue here between casual gamers and closet gamers. However, it is worth mentioning that in My Dress-Up Darling Nor does the denial of being a cosplayer exist as such; but rather the difficulty of being one in itself, due to other types of implications. In addition to the focus on the growth of affections in certain circumstances and, of course, the growth of the characters.


Kuragehime It’s quite peculiar. In the series, a costume designer along with a cast of geeky women – who do not allow any man near their home – will meet a young man who, due to complex circumstances, dresses as a woman to avoid her responsibilities. .

The girls don’t know who she is, except for the protagonist who wants to see her designs put on stage. An interesting relationship will be born from the interesting context. However, The girl will see particularities of her hobby that she was previously unaware of. At the end of the day, people are made of details.

Kuragehime It is a very sweet anime, it will fill you with laughter and warm feelings!

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Ah, well, if you were looking for cosplayer anime…

If you were looking for titles that focused on cosplayers, we leave you a couple of recommendations:

  • Genshiken: It is an anime in which a club of university students meets to create their designs.
  • Cosplay Complex: It is a very short installment, but it completely focuses on a high school group that also sets up its club to create cosplays, and also delves into other otaku concerns.

There are also other anime that bring up the difficulties that the community has in maintaining and expressing their hobbies. Do you know any?

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