What will be THAT long-awaited big fight that the manga will feature in 2024?

Last Sunday we said goodbye to 2023, a very special year for lovers of One Piece for multiple reasons. Among them, the fantastic course of events in Egghead’s arc stood out in the sleevewhich made us jump with emotion and cry our eyes out with multiple chapters. What will the work have in store for us in 2024?

In each edition of Jump Festa, Eiichiro Oda usually shares a preview of what we will see next year in the One Piece manga, and last December he did not miss his appointment. In his annual message he revealed that In 2024 the long-awaited confrontation between THAT character and THAT OTHER character will take place. What fight are you referring to? The fandom is already debating about it and these are some of the most popular options.

Shanks vs. Teach

This is the fight that I have come across the most times throughout the Internet, the confrontation between Yonkos that everyone has wanted to see for many years. In fact At Marineford, Teach himself declared that he was not STILL ready to face the redheadbut after the timeskip things could have changed.

Furthermore, Shanks has finally decided to find the Road Poneglyph and claim the One Piece, so at any moment he could cross paths with Blackbeard, who pursues the same goal. And don’t let anyone forget him, Teach was the one who gave Shanks the scar on his eye.…There are many clues that point to this fight.

Akainu vs Dragon

Another of the most anticipated confrontations by the fandom would be starring Monkey D. Dragon. Luffy’s father has been in the shadows for more than 20 years, without participating in any combat and without revealing what kind of power he possesses. However, it is expected that in the final saga he will play a very relevant role by declaring war on the World Government during Levely.

Who could be the perfect rival for Dragon? Well, that would be Akainu, since both seem to have shared a past together. (Dragon was a marine in his younger years). And in addition to being Fleet Admiral, the highest position in the Navy, Sakazuki always refers to Luffy as “The Son of Dragon.”, which would confirm that he knows the revolutionary leader very well. I hope we fight this battle in 2024.

Luffy vs. saturn

Another very likely option is that Oda-sensei is referring to the fight most anticipated by all those who closely follow the arc of Egg head. After seeing Kuma and Bonney’s past, it becomes clear that The “final enemy” of this part of the plot is Saturn, and the only one who a priori can confront him is Luffy with his Gear 5..

We all hope that these two will face each other in the coming months, but as the author suggests in his message, it would occur an unexpected result that would surprise readers. Can you imagine that Luffy loses the fight and ends up being saved by Kuma? This assumption should not be ruled out.

These are the three fights most anticipated by One Piece fans, or at least the ones that have been talked about the most on the Internet. Do you think that in 2024 we will see any of them in the manga? Whatever it is, it aims to be colossal.

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