What will the end of One Piece be like?

Today it’s time to talk about one of the oldest series that is still on the air, for the moment, because the creator of the anime of one piece, Eiichiro Oda has been giving small hints of both the series and the manga of one piece for its possible ending.

As you already know, the anime of one piece It’s about a boy Monkey D Luffywhose dream is to become The King of the Pirates, so because of this you need to find a crew. In order to achieve his dream in this way, it will be necessary to search for One Piece, which is a treasure that was hidden by the old Pirate King, to search for it in this way he will make a trip in which he will meet many people with whom he will continue with this adventure.

nowadays anime one piece It’s one of the anime/manga Shōnen most popular and international that there is, since it is broadcast in a large part of the world. being a series with such a simple story and characters has got one immense popularityjust like the characters, since the fans will surely be very fond of them and more if the mangaka Eiichiro Oda can announce its end soon.

Eiichiro Oda has already announced the possible ending of One Piece

As I said before, the series of one piece He is quite fond of it so it is normal that people do not want the anime to end. On the other hand, it is one of the longest animes with more than 1,000 chapters, so its end was going to come at any moment. Still according to the mangaka says Eiichiro Oda its purpose is that the anime of one piece finish or have a happy endingwe can see this in a user’s tweet Sandmanwhich announces news and news about the anime.

Basically the purpose of Ode is that we remember the anime for what it is, an anime of constant fun, incredible moments. emotional that make you cry a few tears and even with totally epic fights / fights.

If we speculate a bit about how the end of one piece with what Eiichiro Oda he says, well we could say that surely there will be no deaths of any “important” character, let’s say, or that there will be no scene that saddens our beloved Monkey D Luffy and his crew of pirates. But I think that surely there is some emotional moment with which we will remember the anime. and like i said Ode in the tweet, he wants to represent the end of one piece with a big celebration or party, so maybe at that big party we can see how luffy and his friends manage to make his dream come true.

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