When and where to see the anime news in Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour

Dragon Ball Daima“will leave us news once again during this month of January, and as was confirmed at the time of its presentation, Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour will host a special panel for which the presence of Akio Iyoku was confirmed, the producer of “Dragon Ball” today. Likewise, in the last few hours they have reported on what can be done from home to see new content that are shown during the event in question.

Dragon Ball Daima, delayed, but at least available

Next I leave you with the information that has been shared. @db_eventpjwhich is neither more nor less than the official Twitter account in charge of reporting the events of the “Dragon Ball” franchise:

  • Basically, as previously reported There will be NO way to follow the Dragon Ball Daima panel live from home. 😅
We will be able to talk about Dragon Ball Daima again in just a matter of days
  • In this sense, it is confirmed that several videos will be made available to be found on the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour YouTube channel through which all content will be collected of the event that is not broadcast live. And indeed, the Dragon Ball Daima panel will be one of said contents. 😶
  • When will the content in question be made available? Well, taking into account that The panel will take place around 3 a.m. in Spain (6:30 p.m., Los Angeles time), the video will most likely not be available until 4-5 a.m.. Obviously, as long as the organization does not take too long to upload the content in question. 🤔
  • If, despite everything, someone intends to stand guard and watch the panel live, I recommend following accounts like @SupaChronicles either @DbsHype, which will surely be echoed by visitors who decide to broadcast the panel in the room with their mobile phone. 😉

It honestly remains incomprehensible how a “Dragon Ball” event in Los Angeles, and with the presence of such an important figure for the franchise currently such as Akio Iyoku, is not going to have any way to follow the live content. In the end we will end up finding out about the news more or less all at the same time, but it is clear that The franchise organizers continue to underestimate the international nature of Akira Toriyama’s work. One can only hope that things will change in the future, but it is difficult to maintain hope when the same mistakes are always repeated.

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