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When it reaches? This would be the release date of One Piece on Netflix

Find out what would be the premiere date chosen for the launch of the One Piece live-action series that Netflix is ​​preparing.

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The One Piece franchise has already become one of the most successful and appreciated entertainment sagas, not only in the world of anime and manga, around the world. This, which is already a great milestone in itself, is even more spectacular considering that the anime already has 1,050 episodes broadcast so far and 15 films released in theaters around the world.

Behind these not inconsiderable figures is the original creator and author of the eponymous manga Eiichiro Oda. This renowned mangaka has been regularly publishing a new chapter of One Piece on a weekly basis for more than 2 decades, and things don’t seem to be going to stop, at least in a few years. In fact, the manga One Piece is already the best-selling literary saga in historya position that he has been occupying for a few months after surpassing Harry Potter.

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And, how well you know, you are a fan of One Piece or, at least, minimally close to the world of anime and manga, Netflix is ​​developing a live-action adaptation of this series. After seeing the first official images and knowing new official details, as we tell you here, now we have to know, as we tell you below, what is the release date of this new One Piece series for Netflix.

This would be the premiere date chosen for the live-action of One Piece on Netflix

At the moment, unfortunately, Netflix has not made any official announcement about the release date of its version of One Piece in real image. In fact, the platform has not even confirmed the month or year of the series’ release. However, a recent leak has shed quite a bit of light on the subject and has even given us an exact date.

First, it should be noted that this information we are talking about is far from confirmed by Netflix or any other official source, but rather it is a mere leak. Even so, given the medium from which it comes and taking into account the time intervals that have been taken to make the different announcements of the series, it is a fairly plausible piece of information.


The date that, apparently, would have been chosen for the premiere of the One Piece series on Netflix would bel next August 31 of this same 2023. This is, as you can imagine, regarding the first season, which we already know will consist of 10 episodes in total. And, given Netflix’s strategy, surely these initial 10 episodes could be seen starting that very day, if the leak turns out to be true, that is.

As we have previously commented, we believe that this date could be perfectly true since The medium that has shared this information is ‘What’s on Netflix’. This medium, as its name indicates, specializes in talking about the streaming giant. In addition, you have already hit on numerous pieces of information similar to this before, so This information is quite reliable despite not being official.

And you, dear reader, Do you think this One Piece series release date could be the real one or do you think Netflix has released another day? Do you agree with the decision to develop this project? Tell us through social networkswhere we recommend that you follow us so that you can find out the latest news related to anime, science fiction and fantasy.

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