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When will we see Genshin Impact on Nintendo Switch?

Genshin Impact


Today, January 14, 2020, the account of Twitter official of the popular cross-platform video game, Genshin Impact, had published incredible news regarding the future consoles to which it would be released, among which the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch stood out. Unfortunately, as many people already know, today marks 3 years since that announcement, which to this day has not been possible.

Look at the trailer that was published on the Twitter account of Genshin Impact

Why hasn’t Genshin Impact come to the Nintendo Switch yet?

Many fans have made various theories about why the developer has not yet released the version for the nintendoswitchsince it was difficult for them to make the program that could be supported by the portable console, many had even thought that they had simply given up on its release for the portable console. Nintendo.

However, the developer has come out to clarify that the delay in the launch of Genshin Impact to nintendoswitch it was due to technical problems in the optimization of the game for the console. Despite the efforts of the developers to ensure a smooth and fluid gaming experience, they encountered issues with the game’s performance on the handheld console.

They also mentioned that they have been working on improving the graphics and game performance to ensure a satisfying gaming experience on the Nintendo switches. Furthermore, they have confirmed that they are working tirelessly to release the game on nintendoswitch as soon as possible. Although no specific release date has been announced, fans can be sure that Genshin Impact is coming to nintendoswitch Coming soon.

Although the switches has been able to handle and run video games as they are The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildthe trilogy of crisis, ark and other games that seem impossible to play on the switchesthis could be possible due to the great hours invested by the programmers so that it could be playable on the switches.

But not everything can be good, because several fans have seen that in fairly complex games the switches tends to have frame drops and a few bugs, which could explain the long delay of HoYoverse for the version of Genshin Impact for the Nintendo Switch.

Genshin Impact

When can we see a version of Genshin Impact for any Nintendo console?

Previously, we had talked to you about the console of Nintendo, nintendo switchit could already be in its last years of operation, and this is not surprising, since the portable console has been lagging behind after its competitors have already released even more powerful versions of their consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X.

And it is that, after almost having completed 6 years since it was launched on the market, several fans have thought that it is time to change the Switch system so that it can improve both its graphics and the processor that already handles, there had even been speculation about one more version of the Nintendo Switch that would bring these improvements, although this was never confirmed.

We hope that Nintendo surprises us this year or the next with the news of the successor to the Nintendo Switch, and with this, the long-awaited announcement of the version of Genshin Impact for this new console.

Genshin Impact

The videogame “Genshin Impact» was developed by HoYoverse (previously miHoYo), and was officially launched worldwide on September 28, 2020. Currently, the game Genshin Impact is available through the platforms Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 Y playstation 5.

synopsis of Genshin Impact:

In a world called Teyvat, ruled by gods called Archons who grant Visions to chosen people. These Visions allow players to wield elemental powers. In Teyvat, players will embark on various adventures as outsiders and travel with different characters with unique abilities they encounter along the way to explore the unknown and discover the secrets of Genshin in this land.


Genshin Impact


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