where to read the best manhwa in history online and in Spanish

If you are one of those people who only consumes anime, it is likely that you have not heard the name of ‘Single Leveling’ until now. He A-1 Pictures anime has become the most popular of this beginning of the year, and as expected, thousands of viewers are finding the motivation to start reading the original work.

However Sungwoo’s story does not come from a manga, but from a South Korean manhwa. Although its journey began in novel format, Solo Leveling did not achieve international fame until the arrival of its webtoon in 2018. And in case you didn’t know, its last chapter was published on May 31, 2023. Do you want to read the work online and in Spanish? Well, pay attention to what I have to tell you.

Where to read the Solo Leveling manhwa

only leveling release date and new trailer (1)
  • Despite being a South Korean webtoon, Solo Leveling can be read legally from Spain in several ways❗❗
  • The first is on-line And through (the page that bought the publishing rights), where you can enjoy the entire series BUT in English🚨🚨
  • Other viable options to access Solo Leveling digitally are TappyToon and Tapas✅✅
  • And the second way to discover this work is through Physical format, buying the different volumes edited by Editorial Standard📗📕
  • At the moment there are a total of 7 volumes for sale in our country⭐
  • Today this is the only way to read the manhwa in Spanish without resorting to piracy☝🏻☝🏻

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