Who is Mahoraga and skills of the shikigami who faced Sukuna


He anime episode 41 of “Jujutsu Kaisen“It was definitely ‘a thing’. Because we’re not just talking about the wild display of animation that the exploited team of MAPPAbut that we were also able to ‘connect’ with Sukuna’s Domain as well as Mahoraga, the Shikigami who forced the incomplete King of Curses to use the most powerful ability in his arsenal. And yes, today I have decided to talk at length about said creature.

(What I will discuss below takes into account both episode 41 of the anime and revelations that were made later in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga).

Who is Mahoraga in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe

Also known as ‘Divine General of the Eight Divergent Leaves of the Sila: Mahoragathis is the most powerful of the Shikigami (artificially created beings with cursed energy) that can be found in the Ten Kinds of Shadow Technique. Although, as Megumi demonstrates, this is ‘easily’ invokeable, the reality is that No user in the entire history of technology has been able to have it completely under their control.

This is how imposing Mahoraga looks when summoned in Jujutsu Kaisen
  • To invoke Mahoraga it is necessary to perform an exorcism ritual specific. Users of the Ten Kinds of Shadow Technique can invoke it not only to try to tame it, but also to try to end its existence.
  • A peculiarity of the ritual is that other people can be included in it in addition to the user of the Ten Kinds of Shadow Technique. However, defeating Mahoraga in this condition will not cause the user to take control of it. However, it can be used as a kind of ‘time bomb’, as Megumi does when she is between a rock and a hard place.

Visually, Mahoraga is about a being of great size and marvelous musculature. It also has very characteristic elements in terms of design, such as 4 wings that emerge from its face and a wheel that can be found on its back, which represents the ideas of harmony and complete cycle.

Mahoraga’s skills and technique in combat

As could be seen in episode 41 of the anime, Mahoraga is a Shikigami powerful enough to face a Sukuna who, although incomplete, had to end up using his Domain to close the fight. This is due to Mahoraga’s following abilities in combat:

  • Mahoraga’s most peculiar and powerful ability is the one that allows him adapt to each and every one of the circumstances you face.
  • That is, let’s take as an example that an enemy hit Mahoraga with a punch after a specific threat. In that moment, Mahoraga’s wheel will start to spin and will cause the next time the enemy uses the same technique it will be countered automatically.
  • This scenario also applies offensively for Mahoraga; in case an enemy is repelling Mahoraga’s attacks continuously, The wheel will spin until Mahoraga finds new attack patterns that the enemy cannot anticipate..
  • To Mahoraga’s natural counterattack ability two elements must also be added very powerful:
    • Mahoraga’s physical strength It is such that it allows him to knock down cement buildings with a single punch.
    • It has a cursed sword charged with positive energywhich makes it especially harmful to evil spirits.
  • With all this, the only way that has been found to defeat Mahoraga is to inflict serious injuries on him with a specific technique, such as Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine, and then finish him off using a completely different technique while he is regenerating, again as Sukuna does well with a powerful fire arrow. With this procedure, it is possible to ‘ignore’ Mahoraga’s adaptability.

I think that few characters from “Jujutsu Kaisen” are going to stay in fans’ memories as much as Mahoraga, simply for being part of one of the most spectacular episodes that the MAPPA show has left us to date. Shibuya is being a delight for Sukuna fans, there is no doubt about that, as this has surely been the stretch of history in which we have seen him in action the longest since production started. So yes, good way for Mahoraga to leave his mark.

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