Who is Megumi Ishitani, the director of the opening 26 of One Piece that everyone is talking about

If you have been following the latest great phenomena in the anime world in 2023, you will surely have heard of Vincent Chansard. This French artist was responsible for giving us scenes as spectacular as Zoro vs. King in One Piece or the Sukuna vs. Mahoraga in Jujutsu Kaisen, but he wasn’t the only big name when it came to animation. Also we have to talk about Megumi Ishitani.

The final stretch of the Wano arc brought with it a huge increase in the quality of One Piece’s animation. In recent months we have witnessed a number of amazing sequences that seemed to be taken from movies and not from a weekly broadcast series. What is Toei’s secret? Well, Ishitani’s talent.

Megumi Ishitani, the director most loved by One Piece fans

  • Megumi Ishitani rose to fame for being the director of episode 1015 of the One Piece animeone of the most awarded in the entire history of the work✅
  • It included scenes as important as Yamato discovering Luffy’s dream or the tremendous Red Roc that the protagonist tips Kaido in the face🔥
  • Day by day That Ishitani is involved in the production of an episode of the series means that the animation and direction will be superband that is something worthy of praise❗❗❗
  • Without going further, he opening number 26 of One Piece (Egghead’s) is causing a sensation on the Internet for providing an explosion of creativity and it turned out to be directed by this famous artist⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Do you think Toei Animation will give him one of the great Egghead episodes so he can shine again? I’m sure it will be like that👍🏻

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