Who is Simón in Pálpito (The Marked Heart), Netflix series

Simón Duque , who is one of the main characters in Pálpito , a  Netflix series , is played by Argentine actor Michel Brown . Simón is the husband of Valeria, who was kidnapped and murdered by a gang of organ traffickers to obtain her heart. Valeria and Simón have two children: Samantha and Lucas .

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In the new Netflix series , Simón has a pizza business and is dedicated to acting, however, after the murder of his wife he takes on the task of finding out who committed the crime and who has his heart.

Simón in Pálpito

Pálpito‘s Synopsis.

“When his wife is murdered to remove her heart and transplant it to a rich man’s wife, Simón, thirsty for revenge, plunges into the dangerous world of organ trafficking. In the frantic search for him, fate leads him to fall in love with Camila, the woman who survived thanks to the heart of his murdered wife. The culminating moment arrives when both discover the truth.

In Pálpito you discover that there is a side of love that no one told you about, a dark side that can lead us to the worst. For Zacarías, Simón and Camila the consequences of their actions do not matter because they are following their hearts.

heartbeat | Press Netflix Latin America

Pálpito trailer , Netflix series

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