Who is Van Augur? This is what is known about Usopp’s possible final enemy

The Egghead arc is leaving us with truly memorable moments that are being adapted exceptionally in the anime. One Piece, like the fight between Law and Blackbeard. As incredible as it may seem, this fight was not the only star scene of the episode 1093since yesterday we also witnessed the fearsome power of a character who until now was very secondary: Van Augur.

As a result of his intervention in the Whole Cake incident, many fans of the series are eager to learn more about this pirate, so I will offer you below all the official information about him.

Who is Van Augur?

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  • Van Augur appeared for the first time in manga chapter 222 and in episode 146 of the One Piece anime, so we have known him for many years✅
  • It was introduced as one of Blackbeard’s first subordinates at the Jaya arch, shooting at some seagulls that were miles away😱
  • Aside from his birth in the East Blue, This character’s past is a mystery; We only know that after joining Teach’s cause, he attacked the island of Drum, thus overthrowing King Wapol ❓
  • It is a cold and expressionless person who only seems to show his true nature on the battlefield😐
  • Physically, he stands out for his great height (3.4 meters), for wearing special glasses (the right lens is a sniper scope) and for carrying a rifle called Senriku 👓🔫

Devil Fruit and Van Augur’s abilities

  • Van Augur possesses the powers of Wapu Wapu no mia fruit that allows him, both himself and other people, teleport to other places🧍🏻‍♂️💨🧍🏻‍♂️
  • This power, added to his innate aim, makes him the perfect sniper
  • He is also known by the nickname Supersonicsince it can move at high speed and has feline reflexes🏃🏻‍♂️
  • And if that were not enough it is capable of detecting and shooting enemies that are at an imperceptible distance to the ordinary human eye (as demonstrated in Jaya)👀

What is your power level?

After what happened in episode 1093 of the anime, it seems to be very clear that Van Augur is far superior to Cracker, one of the three commanders of the Big Mom Pirates. This makes him a heavy-handed pirate who could put even Luffy in his Gear 4 form on the spot.

And due to his many similarities to Usopp, Many people suspect that this character will end up becoming Usopp’s final enemy., and both would have a great marksman’s duel in the last arc of One Piece. Do you think it will really happen?

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