Who is Zalama in Dragon Ball Super? All about the creator of the Super Dragon Balls

Dragon Ball Super“It has the vastest lore that has ever been seen in the entire history of “Dragon Ball”, something that logically will affect absolutely everything that comes after. One of the most interesting points of discussion is Zalama, the creator of the Super Dragon Balls. With such a title it would be assumed that we have information to bursting at the seams about this almost legendary figure in the “Dragon Ball” set, but the reality is that This is one of the main open mysteries of Akira Toriyama’s work.

Everything we know about the mysterious figure of Zalama

The most basic information we have regarding the figure of Zalama is the following:

  • Zalama is the original creator of the Super Dragon Balls, which have unlimited power to grant any wish. In this case the Super Dragon Balls grant a single wish (again, with no limits on their capabilities), and after use they are dispersed between Universes 6 and 7. 😉
  • Likewise, Zalama is considered as a kind of ‘God’ for all dragons. However, the scope of this presupposed divinity is not clear. 🤨
super shenron dragon ball
Super Shenron is the all-powerful dragon that resides in the Super Dragon Balls of Zalama.
  • To have some perspective on the barbarity that Zalama did: Its Super Dragon Balls have a circumference of 37,196 kilometers, while planet Earth has a circumference of 40,075 kilometers.. So if you thought that the idea that the Super Dragon Balls are like a big planet was exaggerated by the anime, now you have irrefutable real proof. 😶
  • Other creations in the name of Zalama are the following:
    • Apparently the marks of the stars of the Dragon Balls They are created with a special technology that makes them look the same from all angles. Zalama was the creator of this technology.
    • He was also in charge of create the special phrase that is necessary to recite in order to summon Super Shenronotherwise simply possessing the Super Dragon Balls is not enough to claim their power.
  • Although it is assumed that Zalama is a Namekian in origin (or at least bears some kind of similarity to the race), the truth is that There is no clear record about his identity. 🤔

And this is all that is known about Zalama. As you can see, the reality is that the information we have about this character is more related to his creation of the Super Dragon Balls than to his being itself. Therefore, there are quite a few theories that try to put some logic into its existence.

Popular theories about Zalama

Next I am going to comment a couple of theories that I have seen that are quite popular to the “Dragon Ball” community. Obviously it must be clear that, as I say, these are simply theories, so in no case should they be taken as confirmed lore.

dragon ball
There are those who see a connection between the divinity of Zalama and that of a character like Zeno
  • Zalama belongs to a different ‘dimension’: It has previously been established that Zeno is the most powerful being in existence. However, given the power of Zalama and his Super Dragon Balls, it is believed that they should be very much on par. This is how the possibility has been reached that Zalama actually resides in a kind of kingdom of gods separated from all the divinity of the angels, the gods of destruction and others, and hence its existence is almost like a legend. Not only that, but there is speculation that Zeno could be the God of Destruction of the set of universes we know and the High Priest his Angel, with Zalama being the equivalent of a Kaio.
  • May Zalama be part of the same being with Zeno and Zunoh: There are those who believe that once there was a divine entity like no other that brought together knowledge, destruction and creation in equal parts. However, eventually said entity ended up dividing into 3 different beings: Zeno (destruction), Zunoh (knowledge) and Zalama (creation). Of course, the fact that their names all start with a ‘Z’ might not be a mere coincidence.

The reality is that there is so little tangible information about a character like Zalama that even the part of the community theories is quite limited. However, I have to say that I find these two ideas really interesting when trying to shape the god of dragons.

In the same way that we have ended up meeting Gods of Destruction, Angels and more divine beings, personally I consider it a matter of time until Zalama appears at some point in the plot of “Dragon Ball“At the end of the day we are talking about a larger entity whose existence and great achievements are known, and that in “Dragon Ball” has always ended up leading us to meet new characters. Surely it is not going to happen soon, but Even if it is a few years from now, I see it likely that Zalama will end up being seen in one way or another.

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