Why does Naruto stop wearing the glasses from the beginning of the anime?

“Naruto” is one of the most storied anime and manga to date, and it is certainly possible to engage in discussions of all kinds that last for hours and hours. In the same way, you can also shed light on topics that are practically forgotten or that more than one would not even pay much attention to today… such as the mystery of Naruto’s own glasses.

Naruto’s glasses, a distinctive element that disappeared without a trace

In the early stages of “Naruto”, when the young protagonist has not even passed the exam to formally become a ninja under the Genin class, it becomes possible find him wearing glasses that are truly characteristic of him.

naruto anime glasses
This is what Naruto looked like during the beginning of the anime

However, as the episodes of the anime go by, we stop seeing the protagonist of Masashi Kishimoto’s work with those characteristic glasses to let the next accessory begin to show off:

anime naruto
Naruto eventually changes his glasses from the beginning of the anime for the bandana from the Hidden Leaf Village.

Naturally, it is logical to assume that the character’s aesthetic change is simply due to the fact that he was beginning a new stage as a ninja. However, there is another reason that in fact was the main reason that led Masashi Kishimoto to modify the initial idea of ​​the glasses:

  • Yes, Masashi Kishimoto initially liked the idea of ​​Naruto wearing those cool glasses as an accessory… but as time went by he realized that They would become quite a problem.
  • Due to the different details they sported, Kishimoto-sensei determined that the glasses were going to end up being a tremendous annoyance, especially considering that it was something that I would have to draw week in and week out.
  • That is why he decided to create the ninja bandana for Naruto, an element that ended up being extended to all the characters in the franchise…so one wonders which was worse, the remedy or the disease.
  • To some extent, the reasoning is reminiscent of when Akira Toriyama commented in the past that he chose to make the Super Saiyan was blonde/white to avoid the work of having to color Son Goku’s hair in each panel of the manga.

It definitely sounds like the reasoning of a true mangaka. With the wear and tear that comes with having to draw an action shonen every week for years, it is only logical that the creators end up coming up with ideas or alterations through which to make their lives easier. In the end, what Kishimoto-sensei ended up achieving by switching from goggles to ninja bandanas was creating one of the most relevant accessories at the lore level of the entire “Naruto” universe, so the exchange did not go badly at all.

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