Why Future Gohan is the best character in the entire franchise

Today I woke up personally. Gohan is a character who for decades has been central to everything related to the universe of “dragon ball“, although it is true that until his most recent new awakening through “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero“The character had been in his most secondary stage since… the times of “Dragon Ball GT” I would say. Well, now that Goku’s eldest son seems ready to shine again as before, I want to remember his version of the ‘Future’, a character that has always seemed to me to have been brilliantly constructed.

Future Gohan, the most complex character in the entire Dragon Ball universe

In “Dragon Ball Super” I think it is obvious that the narrative emphasis has been placed mostly on the figure of Vegeta. Even Toyotaro himself recognized that recently. The reality is that Vegeta is no longer a bloodthirsty warrior, and since the days when he first showed up to conquer the Earth, his character has totally changed. Basically, he is a character who has evolved on a psychological level on a larger scale.

dragon ball future gohan
Future Gohan is a figure who lives in a unique reality within the universe.

Well, with the Future Gohan We were not able to appreciate this evolution on a natural level, but we simply found ourselves directly with a character who had already had to be adapt to completely different circumstances.

Future Gohan had to reject his true self for the good of humanity

The Gohan that we all know today is a kid calm and peaceful who loves to study wildlife, particularly everything related to insects. This matches everything he had been as a child, and unlike his father He has never been interested in battle. He HATES having to hurt anything, because he appreciates the life of everything and everyone around him. And hence the contrast with Future Gohan.

dragon ball gohan
The Gohan of the present has absolutely nothing to do with the Gohan of the Future

When you dive into Trunks and Gohan’s future special, what you find is Goku’s older son mostly alone. He has no time for anything other than surviving and keeping the few vestiges of humanity safe. that have been left standing after the atrocities committed by Androids 17 and 18. He is, for all intents and purposes, a character who had to reject yourself to make sure humanity still had a chance even after the death of Goku, Vegeta and absolutely all the heroes of the “Dragon Ball Z” universe.

Essentially, Future Gohan is a character who had to deconstruct and reconstruct in addition; He couldn’t do a single one of the things that he really enjoyed in life, and the only thing he had left as an alternative was to make Trunks and Bulma live long enough for the former to end up saving all that fateful reality.

Reeling with very poor levels of power

It is clear that beyond character, one of the great contrasts between Future Gohan and present Gohan is the wild power difference. But obviously it has its explanation:

  • It must be remembered that by the time Goku first suffers from heart disease, Gohan is nothing more than a kid. In fact, although Gohan from the Cell games is always presented as ‘Teen’ or ‘Adolescent’ in many marketing products, the reality is that at that time he had an age between 9 and 11 years (depending on factors such as the Time Room).
  • Come on, as the Z Fighters die, Gohan ends up becoming humanity’s final wall of resistance at a VERY young age. Even so, he manages to keep the world alive until he is about 23 years old; that is, he throws himself more than a decade fighting alone against some Androids that ended absolutely everything.
  • Why didn’t Future Gohan ever get stronger than a Super Saiyan then? Easy: he never imagined that a higher power existed. It was not until Future Trunks arrived in the present timeline that Goku, Vegeta and others began to train the Super Saiyan as something that had different degrees and levels.. Future Gohan was thus left helpless at a very young age and with a limitation of knowledge about the power of the Saiyans that never allowed him to exploit more of his lineage.
dragon ball
Limited to doing adventures with a base Super Saiyan

I have always been fascinated by how Future Gohan was able to sacrifice his person even though by the time we connect with said story he has already lost practically everything. This is a character who, unlike what Toriyama saw in the current Gohan, was surely protagonist material… but for a type of story entirely different from what “Dragon Ball” eventually ended up being. In any case, he will always be remembered as the one who inspired Future Trunks to become one of the franchise’s most impactful characters as well.

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