Why the big fight in chapter 249 of the manga could have an unexpected outcome

Jujutsu Kaisen” continues in a more tense ending than the final exams, and the truth is that the death rate can perfectly be compared to that of the worst failures. As is already known, Gege Akutami does not have the slightest fear of ‘shorten‘ the life of a character if that serves narrative purposes, and that is why many fans are completely terrified when a new ‘hero’ appears willing to face Sukuna. Now, It’s Rika and Yuta’s turn, and the battle can be really unpredictable.

Gege Akutami already predicted Sukuna vs Rika at the time… but things change

Has been the AnimeHunch team the one who has collected some past statements from Gege Akutami that are truly relevant to what will be seen in chapter 249 of the manga:

  • Who is stronger? Sukuna or Rika? Both are considered king and queen of curses, and obviously the normal thing would be wait for their battle to determine the curse of greatest power… but not in this case. 🤔
jujutsu kaisen
Sukuna is in control of the battle right now, but the Yuta-Rikka pairing is no joke
  • The truth is that Gege Akutami already said at the time that Sukuna was more powerful than Rikka. So if we take into account that currently in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga the villain has completed his reincarnation, There should be no reason to believe that Rika has anything against him… right? 😮
  • It must be taken into account that Gege Akutami’s words are those that refer to a direct confrontation between Sukuna and Rika, but the reality is that Yuta is also present in this battle. Yes, you can count Itadori and others in addition, but it will be the Yuta-Rika duo that sets the tone for the battle at this point. 😉
  • As is already known, Yuta is one of the special grade sorcerers, and over time he has shown that all the expectations placed on his potential were more than justified.. Therefore, it is not a mere reinforcement for Rika, but rather a greater force that can definitely tip the balance. 😎

On the other hand, it seems unlikely that the outcome of this battle will be definitive one way or another, mainly because a character like Maki is completely missing, and it is highly doubtful that Akutami-sensei has no plans for her after everything she has experienced. In any case, we are already entering the field of beginning to use the latest weapons that humanity has in its favor, so now more than ever, whatever happens in combat will end up involving a definitive before and after.

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