Will Android 21 appear in the manga?

Dragon Ball FighterZ It was a video game that did many things well, and hence for years it remained a reference not only for the “Dragon Ball” video game scene, but for the entire fighting scene. But not everything was about the gameplay, but rather introducing a character like the Android 21 It was a move that ended up having repercussions even on the official lore of the franchise. Now it’s time to ask the question: Is it time for her to appear in the “Dragon Ball Super” manga as a villain?

In favor of Android 21 appearing in the Dragon Ball Super manga

By general consensus, there seem to be two references that point towards the idea that ‘Super Hero’ will have an epilogue in the manga which did not appear in the anime film:

  • First of all, even though Super Hero has officially ended, At no point has it yet been said that a new narrative arc of Dragon Ball Super will directly start in January 2024. In fact, the door seems to be left open to the possibility that the ‘Superheroes’ have a little more work. 😮
  • On the other hand, it is also Carmine’s presence at the end of chapter 100 of the Dragon Ball Super manga. The Red Ribbon Army is completely defeated, but Magenta’s second gathers a few henchmen with whom he says he is leaving for headquarters. 🤔
dragon ball fighterz
Android 21 is an original villain that had a lot of impact on FighterZ

With this scenario, The possibility should not be ruled out that at the Red Ribbon Army headquarters there was one last android to activate, which, in effect, was Android 21.. If so, it would be a bonus villain that would serve to canonize the character without also having to put too much pressure on a character that, originally, refers to one of the video games in the franchise. But is this what is desired for a character like this?

Against Android 21 appearing in the Dragon Ball manga

In the same way that there are arguments to believe in the presence of Android 21 in the “Dragon Ball Super” manga, There are also some to generate a negative reading:

  • To begin it must be said that It may not be exactly what Dragon Ball Super fans are interested in right now.. With a whole year reviewing the same events of the anime film, there is a desire for fresh blood, and even with something that would be original and unexpected, surely more than one would continue to see it as the extension of a stage that one wants to leave behind. 😅
dragon ball fighterz
Using Android 21 as a transitional villain would be a real waste
  • In addition, the stage may be too small for a character like Android 21. Yes, he is simply a video game character, but it has already been seen that the combination of Android and Majin can lead to something truly interesting and memorable. Using Android 21 as a simple epilogue villain in which she appears and disappears shortly after may mean not getting the benefit she deserves. 😤

Above all, surely the reality remains that absolutely everyone is thinking about Black Frieza at this point. Personally, I think that Android 21 is a character with design and possibilities that should be properly explored, so I wouldn’t like to see her remain a cold second course.

At this point, everything depends on how Toriyama and Toyotaro are going to handle the next story beats of “Dragon Ball Super.” If we’re just going to have a 1-2 chapter epilogue to get to Black Frieza, then I would definitely leave Android 21 in the glove compartment. If, on the other hand, they prepare a mini transition arc with a few extra chapters, in that case I would be totally in favor of Android 21 making her great and definitive debut in “Dragon Ball Super” (obviously beyond his presence as Vomi).

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