Will it be the anime of the year?

Dandadan“It is still far away, but not far enough so that the hype cannot take control of our bodies with each new sample of the anime that is being prepared Science Saru. Because if one is minimally aware of all the noise that “Dandadan” has made in recent years, and the quality that Science Saru’s productions exude, then one understands that there may be something special here. And the new trailer for the “Dandadan” anime thus reinforces that possibility.

Dandadan continues to gain strength with a new luxury trailer

Without further ado, I am going to leave you with the new trailer that has been shared by the “Dandadan” anime:

And after you, like me, have been a little amazed by what is coming to us, I I remember a series of important things about the anime in question:

  • To begin, I highlight that the Dandadan anime will be broadcast during the month of October of this same 2024, which will be an anime belonging to the fall quarter. Also, keep in mind that given the month of its release It will NOT be available as one of the animes to vote for at the Anime Awards to be held in February/March 2025 (they will be for the next edition). 😉
  • On the other hand, a few days ago it was confirmed that there would be dual streaming platform for Dandadan: it can be seen on both Netflix and Crunchyroll. Of course, this is for now what has been confirmed in global terms, so we have to see if any restrictions of some kind arise regionally. 🤔
  • In terms of length of the anime… well Science Saru could bet on both the 12 and 24 episode ones. In the end, Dandadan now has over 140 manga chapters and 13 volumes available, so there is plenty of first-class material. In any case, at the moment this information is totally unknown today. 🤨

Obviously until the “Dandadan” anime is released as such it will not really be known if it is as much as it promises, and I’m probably exaggerating today with the things I say… but it looks very good. It has absolutely all the ingredients that can make it the new reference action shonen, but it also has designs and eccentricity that aesthetically provide it with truly unique qualities.. I hardly see an anime for fall this year that is going to get more attention than “Dandadan.”

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