Will Look Back have anime? The famous manga from the creator of Chainsaw Man could be adapted

Tatsuki Fujimoto has NOT only “Chainsaw Man” to his name. Despite his youth, the author already treasures works such as “Fire Punch”, “Goodbye Eri” or “Look Back“that have really touched millions of people around the world. Fujimoto-sensei really knows how to activate the human fiber in one way or another, and in fact from MAPPA They already warned that they would love to animate all their works. Well, now an insider suggests that the aforementioned “Look Back” could be the next to take the step.

The Look Back anime could be close, according to an insider

Has been @MappleYellovva proven insider who has already revealed other things on previous occasions, who has sown the seed of doubt regarding the possibility that “Look Back” could have its own anime:

  • The insider simply has written the following in a new tweet ‘LOOK BACK 🤔‘. 😮
Look Back
Look Back is the title of the very famous one-shot published by Tatsuki Fujimoto in 2021
  • Why think it’s Fujimoto-sensei’s manga? By Two reasons mainly:
    • First of all, and also the most obvious, it turns out that Tatsuki Fujimoto has a manga called Look Back. A tremendously successful one-shot that has been edited and published in dozens of countries around the world.
    • Secondly, that @MappleYellovv write the tweet precisely with LOOK BACK in capital letters, which is precisely how Tatsuki Fujimoto’s work is formally presented. Besides, The insider usually writes all his tweets in lower casewhich makes the change striking in this sense.
  • Are there other possibilities? Obviously yes… but at the level of works the truth is that it is impossible to think of anything other than the one-shot from the creator of Chainsaw Man. The only possibility is that the insider has released a tweet to reflect on the past… but it’s certainly NOT AT ALL the type of content he usually posts on the account. 🤣

If it were ultimately confirmed that “Look Back” will end up having its own anime, obviously the most logical thing would be for this to be about a ‘simple’ OVA. At the end of the day we are talking about a short story that was published in a single volume, so unless you wanted to use the anime to create an expanded original story there is not much alternative. In this sense, the best example of thinking this way is “Monsters”, the anime that will adapt the one-shot prequel to “One Piece” as an OVA. In any case everything is still up in the air, but keep your eyes open and your ears tuned.

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