Will we see the first trailer for Dragon Ball Daima soon? Big news is coming about the anime

Dragon Ball Daima“It premieres in 2024, and yes, it is true that having still been scheduled for autumn, we still have a lot of months ahead of us until its debut takes place. However, it looks like it will be toei They plan to keep us informed all year about what to expect from this completely original story of Akira Toriyama. Why do I say that? Because This month we will have important news… and who knows if a first official trailer (remember that what we saw was categorized as a ‘teaser trailer’).

The Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour will have many things to say about Dragon Ball Daima

Has been SupaChronicles (followed by others like DBHype) who has announced who and what to expect at the “Dragon Ball Daima” panel for the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2024, and the truth is that things look very promising:

  • To start, I think the big news to keep in mind is that Akio Iyoku will be present at the event. 😮
dragon ball daima
Dragon Ball Daima will shine again in style in a new Dragon Ball event
  • In case anyone is not clear about its relevance, it can be said that today it is the second most important person in the world of Dragon Ball, only behind its own creator, Akira Toriyama. Iyoku-san is currently president of Capsule Corporation Tokyo, the company designed to manage all video game and anime content for the franchise, as well as Executive Producer of Dragon Ball itself. Come on, that’s who some of today’s most important decisions regarding Dragon Ball pass. 😎
  • Also, it seems that Iyoku-san will be present to introduce us to the Dragon Ball Daima character designs, present new official illustrations by Akira Toriyama and more surprises that they have prepared for us. 🤗
  • Along these lines, personally I wouldn’t rule out letting us see the first official trailer for Dragon Ball Daima. I remember that the presentation teaser at New York Comic-Con didn’t show much of the anime as such either, so having Iyoku-san at an event in Los Angeles would be an ideal opportunity for it with everything they’ve talked about lately about international expansion Of the brand. In any case, let it be clear that the trailer is purely my speculation. 🤔

One thing is clear: If Akio Iyoku is present, news awaits us about things that we have not seen to date regarding “Dragon Ball Daima“In the end, it would be strange if the main person in charge of making announcements about the franchise made a tremendous international trip to an event dedicated to the “Dragon Ball” video games to contribute little about what is known. In In any case, remember that it will be on Sunday, December 28, that the “Dragon Ball Daima” panel will take place at the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour.

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