WIT Studio and Netflix produce a short film with the help of an AI

WIT Studio and Netflix produce a short film with the help of an AI

The official youtube account of Netflix Japan published last tuesday The Dog & The Boy (Inu to Shōnen), a three and a half minute animated short film that has the peculiarity of having funds generated by Artificial Intelligencebased on some concepts made by human designers.

The Dog and the boy visual

Ryōtaro Makihara (The Empire of Corpses, Vampire in the Garden) is the director, scriptwriter and main animator of this project produced by WIT Studioalthough the study has also been involved Production I.G. and the subsidiary of Netflix Anime Creator’s Base. Mathias Demongeot is in charge of character design and CGI animation. Chieko Ichimanda (Attack the titans, Spy x Family) monitors the animation, while Aya Hida (Death Note, apocalypse in high school) performs editing, composes the musical theme and Taiki Sakurai (Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, exception) is credited as producer. The company rinna AI developed the AI ​​for the backgrounds, leaving the post-production in charge of qooop, Inc. and sound production in the hands of dugout inc

According to Netflix, the short film is a small step forward in the arduous process of using programs based on Artificial Intelligence in order to reduce the burden on workers in the animation industry. Already in 2017 the company Dwango developed a program based on an AI that was used in the anime FLCL Progressive. It is also known that the post-production company imagica actively collaborates with OLM Digitalsubsidiary of the animation studio OLM, in the development of a program for automatic coloring. The Japanese publisher Hakusensha has already used the automatic coloring program known as Petalica Paint.

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