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Woman explains the ‘correct way’ to draw breasts — Kudasai

A Twitter user became a trend on comment forums in Japan after share a photograph where he showed the “correct way” to draw big breasts. According to his illustrations (which we will explain a little later), Many erotic artists make the mistake of making large breasts hang “like a pair of testicles.”.


There are several reasons why large breasts are popular in anime:

  • Cultural factors: In Japan, large breasts are considered a symbol of beauty and femininity. This is reflected in Japanese popular culture, including anime.
  • Aesthetic factors: Large breasts are considered attractive by some people. This may be due to psychological factors, such as the association of large breasts with fertility and motherhood.
  • Commercial factors: Female characters with large breasts are often used to attract male viewers. This is because large breasts are a physical characteristic that is associated with sexuality.

The first image shows on the left the actual design of breasts, where the connection to the thorax is much wider. As we can observe, On the right side the incorrect shape of large breasts is shown, with a smaller region connecting them to the thorax. This makes the breasts look more like “a giant scrotum.”


A side perspective of these large breasts is also offered, simulating how they would look according to the previous design. On the left we can see the “realistic” breasts with a well-defined shape. But on the right we see breasts that hang completely from a very small area, causing them to have an “egg” shape.

The woman continued explaining:

  • «In order to give the impression of a “constant bounce”, the part that joins the breasts to the thorax is deformed to an extremely small size, and is drawn hanging as if it were testicles. I think that cartoonists know the structure of the human body and began to draw them as a symbol of sexual exaggeration to make them look erotic in hentai manga and R18 illustrations, but nowadays, even in general public photographs, many girls’ breasts They are drawn in this deformed way».

Curiously, this criticism did not go unnoticed by Internet users in Japan, who agreed:

  • «I admit it, I like poorly done breasts».
  • «However, if they were realistic breasts, they would not be erotic».
  • «Since it is men who want to see breasts, isn’t it correct to draw them as his balls so that they feel familiar?».
  • «I think it depends on the size and how they hang. I would be more turned off by single-frame characters who only have big tits and a strangely thin waist.».
  • «Like balls, that’s a good description. I’ve seen too many boobs with the tops pushed up and supported from below by a bra. I wonder if the artist mistakenly thinks they are tight on top even without a bra?».
  • «The ones they are putting on the “real” side have a more realistic and improbable form. There may be one in a million breasts like this, but those unnatural breasts are usually due to plastic surgery. Hanging breasts are normal».
  • «There are artists who draw nipples and clitorises so long that they look like penises, I think anything is possible».
  • «The truth is, the only thing that matters is that they look good.».
  • «They don’t have to be realistic. What will happen when you have an anime face but realistic boobs? Everything will go to hell».
  • «No, not really, even as written, they are not only joined at the top. Even real boobs have lines on the sides when they are bigger. You’re just making weird assumptions and criticizing yourself.».
  • «Do you know how to differentiate an old woman’s tits from an old man’s balls?».
  • «The one on the left is the artificial big boobs that women with small boobs imagine, and the one on the right is the real big boobs. If you have big boobs but the areola is small and not smeared, you have big silicone boobs. You can tell from the sex and porn industry».
  • «Seriously, modern drawings have too big tits. 25 years ago, that is, when Evangelion was released, Misato was the woman with the largest and most beautiful breasts».
  • «That would be a great explanation for why the top clothing looks like orthopedic underwear that keeps your breasts firm all the time. You’re supposed to be drawing a character with big tits, but it’s designed to be stiff with orthopedic underwear».
  • «I guess this is information for breast lovers, but I don’t include myself there.».

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