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Yae Miko shows off sensual sportswear for a figure — Kudasai

The manufacturer Milk Milk Studio and the distributor orzGK have announced an exciting addition to their line of standalone figures with the reveal of a statue of Yae Mikoa much-loved character from the popular franchise Genshin Impact. This 1/7 scale figure, standing approximately 200mm tall, has caused quite a stir in the game’s fan and collector community.

What makes this figure especially eye-catching is the unique depiction of Yae Miko. Although the traditional appearance of the character has been maintained, he has been dressed in sports clothing designed for the practice of yoga. Tight clothing highlights your curves in a subtle but noticeable way, adding a touch of sensuality to the character without crossing unnecessary boundaries.

The figure captures the essence of Yae Miko in a way we haven’t seen before, presenting her in a relaxed and elegant pose, as if she is ready to begin her yoga routine. This representation offers a new perspective on the character that is sure to appeal to both Genshin Impact fans and lovers of high-quality figures.

Additionally, orzGK has announced a special version of the figure that will allow collectors to display Yae Miko completely naked if they wish, giving buyers the option to customize their display according to their preferences.

The Yae Miko figure in sportswear is currently available for pre-order at a special price through orzGK, and is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2024. This is an exciting opportunity for Genshin Impact fans and collectors of high-quality figures to add a unique item to their collection. Don’t miss your chance to get this stunning depiction of Yae Miko in her fascinating new face!

Fountain: orzGK

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