Yomawari Neko anime already has a release date

Yomawari Neko anime already has a release date

nhk revealed new details of the anime yomawari neko, including its release date which will be in March of this year. On the 14th, 20th and 27th of this month, 5 episodes will be broadcast on his channel every day, making a total of 15 short of 5 minutes of duration.

The anime will star the Japanese actor and singer Takayuki Yamada (he prince moon in Haru in the kingdom of cats) as Heizo Endo and the voice actress Atsumi Tanezaki (Anya Forge in SPY x FAMILY) as I swear.

Kazuma Taketani (Kowabon) is directing the anime while hiroko kanasugi (mushikaburi-hime either Bibliophile Princess) writes the scripts. TO Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment credited for animation production. It has finally been revealed that Ken’ichi Maeyamada (Kuroko no basket, one punch man) is composing the music and that the main theme will be a cover of the song “Jump” by Kiyoshiro Imawano.

Kaoru Fukaya he has been drawing this manga since 2015. At first it was only available through his account Twitteruntil in 2016 he transferred it to the web MoAE. Currently, the work has nine compilation volumes. In addition, it should be noted that the manga was awarded the award for best short work at the 21th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize. yomawari neko it already has more than 630,000 copies sold.

The manga centers on a cat who is attracted to the smell of tears, and goes to anyone who is crying to comfort or cheer them up.

Fountain: ANN

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