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Yor Forger shows his lethal charm with this cosplay

yor forger cosplay

In the SPY x FAMILY series, everyone has something they hide from others, and that is the case of Yor Forger , aka the Thorn Princess , a character that has caught the attention of the fan art and cosplay community .

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She is ideal for these types of activities carried out by fans. Like Loid and Anya , she has another side that she reserves for herself, although her adopted daughter knows it well but due to her tender age she doesn’t understand it.

Most of the time Yor is a government employee, and recently, she has the role of mother in the Forger family . But just one call is enough for her attitude to change completely.

She is an assassin who is in the service of the elite and in charge of eliminating the traitors to the regime of her country. Thorn Princess is her codename for her as an enforcer, something she’s been doing for quite some time. She knows very well how to eliminate a person.

Yor Forger shows his lethal charm with this cosplay
Fuente: CloverWorks/Wit Studio.

She is trained in the arts of assassination, to the degree that she can kill anyone using her bare hands. She even knows the key parts of the body where she can paralyze or disable anyone.

But to fight he prefers to use a pair of sharp stilettos. His introduction in the SPY x FAMILY anime was when he caused a kill to eliminate a target. This Yor Forger look is the basis for more than one cosplay .

Yor Forger shows his lethal charm with this cosplay
Source: Instagram .
Yor Forger shows his lethal charm with this cosplay
Fuente: CloverWorks/Wit Studio.

SPY x FAMILY’s Yor Forger Reflected Through Cosplay

Like the one we bring you now, a contribution from the cosplayer @viku_li . She wears the same black dress that Yor usually uses in his assassination missions, in which elements in gold color stand out.

Among them her earrings, headband and the roses on her head. This also matches his weapons. To complement the cosplay there are some elements associated with the name of the Thorn Princess in the photographs.

‘Princess of Thorns’ is the translation of her name, and that explains why she is associated with roses. Not for nothing do these flowers, despite their beauty, have thorns. This Yor Forger cosplay from SPY x FAMILY reflects the above idea.

As the anime continues, there will be more details about Yor , Anya and Loid , who must learn to live as a family, even if it is simulated. Things are not as easy as they seem in this fun series.

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