Yoshida takes the cover of Chainsaw Man Volume 17, which is reminiscent of Aki

Tatsuki Fujimoto is letting loose with the second part of Chainsaw Man, both in the good and the bad. His decision to leave the action aside a little, in order to focus on Denji’s internal conflicts and his relationship with other characters, is not pleasing to everyone.

Despite this, Chainsaw Man continues to be one of the sleeves most read Manga Plus and one of the most popular today. For this reason, it continues to arouse interest to see what the new covers of its different volumes. This afternoon we received first look at 17º.

This is the new cover image of the Chainsaw Man manga

Cover of Volume 17 of the manga
  • On this occasion the illustration that appears on the cover of volume 17 of Chainsaw Man is Hirofumi Yoshida (via WSJ_manga) ✅
  • This Devil Hunter made a pact with a species of Octopus Demon and has enormous power, although he still He is still a character full of mystery🤔
  • The curious thing is that, the way he has drawn it on this cover, Yoshida bears a great resemblance to AkiDenji’s dear friend 👀
  • Who do you think will appear in the main image of Volume 18? Will it be Mifune or Nayuta once and for all?❓❓

Information about Volume 17

  • This volume will be for sale in Japan starting next day April 4📅
  • Spanish users will still have to wait a few months to be able to buy it in bookstores (volume 16 has not yet been released)⌚
  • Its estimated selling price is 9 euros💸
  • Chapters that will include: from 145 to 155📚

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