Ys X: Nordics Announced For PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 And PC

Ys X: Nordics Announced For PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 And PC

By reason of 35th anniversary from the series Ys, Nihon Falcom announced the video game Ys X: Nordics. This new installment of the saga Ys will come out along 2023 for Playstation 4, playstation 5 Y pc. Along with the announcement, the developer published several images of the video game.

Ys X: Nordics It is set in the maritime town of Los Normans. These humans fight against the threat of the griegers, undead that attack humans. In this game the player controls the character of adol christin while exploring the bay Obelia and the peoples that inhabit it. In this installment, the player also drives a ship and can participate in sea ​​battles.

This new title of the saga Ys It has a control system that allows the player to play in two modes: solo mode either combination mode. In solo mode, the player controls one character while automatically receiving support from the rest of the party. On the other hand, the combination mode allows the player to control various characters alternately.

Last installment of the Ys franchise developed by Nihon Falcom set in the seaside towns of the Normans.

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