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Fans want to see a love triangle in One Punch Man

As we previously mentioned, the manga adaptation of one punch manin charge of Yusuke Murata, one of the most anticipated story arcs by fans has begun. However, the recent chapter included a series of panels that also drew attention, involving the sisters fubuki Y TatsumakiAlready Saitama. This is why several fans have expressed their desire to see a love triangle.

«The most recent chapter of the manga adaptation of “One Punch Man” was published on January 26 in Japan on the Tonari no Young Jump service. The Tatsumaki and Fubuki sisters, and Saitama had an important development and many comments have emerged on social networks where fans hope that some development similar to a romantic comedy will take place. Fubuki and his subordinates find themselves in trouble when it is discovered that within their ranks there was a spy from the “Tsukuyomi” organization. Although Tatsumaki and Saitama managed to finish off the threat, a heavy atmosphere was created towards Fubuki’s group.».

«In this most recent episode, Saitama stops Tatsumaki when she tries to take down all the members of Fubuki’s group. Her natural powers definitely have some effect on Saitama, but they can’t do him any harm at all. When Tatsumaki, who has had enough of the situation, responds with all his power, he begins to destroy the facility, so Saitama, sensing that everyone else is in danger, forcibly hugs her and takes her elsewhere.».

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«The adaptation of the hand of Yusuke Murata was already being a trend because the attractiveness of the female characters, especially Fubuki and Tatsumaki, had been increased considerably with each new chapter. The intense emphasis on the female figure of both sisters was already a topic of interest, and fans were quite appreciative of the author’s artistic direction.».

«The scene where Saitama hugged Tatsumaki seems to have been the most exciting for these fans. The medium-chested depiction of her being crushed by close contact was rendered in detail by the author, and comments like: “Tatsumaki-chan turned out to have a nice pair of breasts.“; “Wow, I can’t believe my eyes.“; Y “Tatsumaki’s breasts look amazing, it’s something I never thought I’d say».

«It was a very similar event to what was seen in “To LOVE-Ru”, but also it seems fans want to see some rom-com cues. In this chapter there is also a scene in which Tatsumaki asks Saitama what is the relationship she has with her sister. Saitama thinks for a moment and replies, “We’re just acquaintances,” while Fubuki shows a sad and shocked expression. On the other hand, in the scene where Saitama hugs Tatsumaki, the author added a detailed panel of Tatsumaki’s surprised face.».

«This caused a reaction by a wide variety of fans hoping to see a love triangle centered on Saitamahighlighting comments such as: “I have a strong feeling that Fubuki and Tatsumaki are about to take an interest in Saitama.“; Y “I want both sisters to fall in love with Saitama“. Nevertheless, in the original ONE web manga there is no such erotic scene. Naturally, there is also no romantic development between any of the characters.. It seems that fans are over-reacting to a simple encounter between two characters. What will Yusuke Murata do?».

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