Discover how to play the One Piece version of Wordle

This is everything you need to know about the One Piece-based variant of Wordle.

Since its first publication in 1997, One Piece has reached every possible medium to which it could be adapted, and with which the vast majority of works can only dream. One of the most important has been that of video games, highlighting the most recent release of the saga in this medium, ‘One Piece Odyssey’. However, today we are going to talk about a somewhat more unusual game and in a format where, definitely, no one would expect to see One Piece: his version of Wordle.

This application achieved immense popularity in the months following its launch at the end of 2021. Its operation is very simple: every day you have to guess a different word of 5 characters and you only have 6 attempts to achieve it. Obviously you have some help, since the application tells you if the position of the letter is correct or, directly, if the letter is in the word or not.

Although numerous variations of Wordle have emerged based on vocabulary from many other franchises or fields of entertainment, one of the ones that has generated the most repercussion is that of One Piece. So, get ready dear nakama, because we are going to tell you how you can play this curious version of the application based on the best-selling literary franchise in history.


This is the most otaku Wordle with One Piece vocabulary

The truth is that there have been several fans of the saga who have already tried to combine the Wordle format with terms and names from One Piece, although the best of all is the one created by @xjsprz. Definitely, he is one of the most dedicated viewers of the entire fandom of the series, since, although the format is open source, you have to spend a few hours until it is perfectly polished. Furthermore, without taking into account all the work to find vocabulary and names of places and characters that fit in that space of only 5 characters.

As for how to access the game in question, here We leave you the direct link to the web. As you can see, everything is practically identical to the original Wordle, with the only exception that the words you will have to guess are related to One Piece. If you are not very clear about how it works, which is the same as the original version, you can find a tab with a brief description on the website itself.

one piece new movie

As you can imagine, the word to guess, which also changes daily, will always be in English. Although, since the vast majority are proper names, whether of characters, locations, oceans, etc. You probably won’t have any problems even if you don’t control English too much.

And you, dear reader, What other versions of Wordle would you like to play besides One Piece? Have you managed to find the word of the day or this time there has been no luck? Tell us through social networkswhere we recommend that you follow us in order to know the latest news related to anime, science fiction and fantasy.

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