We review what happened in chapter 1074 of the One Piece manga

The rest is over. Another Sunday we are here without fail for what we all like so much: New chapter of the manga one piecethis time the 1074: Mark III! From super-fiction We review everything that happened in the popular work of Eiichiro Oda.

In the previous chapter we were able to see how stussy easily disposed of lucci and the others and also how Stella, had disappeared. We were also able to find out what happened to Edward Weevilthe alleged son of shirohige. Apparently, Shirohige Jr. became the hero of Sphinx although, later, he is captured by the Navy. Regarding this, we also saw how kizaru met with one of the five elders: San Jay Garcia Saturn. So that: what happened in this chapter 1074 of the manga of one piece? We do not make you wait any longer, we tell you:

pacifists in sight

The Pacifists They have taken action. While sentomaru recovering from his injuries, they face off against government agents trying to take over the island. Apparently, this new model of Pacifistscalled Mark III (in clear reference to Hombre de Hierro) are possessors of the most powerful shield on the planet, obviously created by vegapunk, so they will be a tough nut to crack. the order of sentomaru is clear: They must make sure that the Mugiwaras manage to escape from Egg head with the doctor. The twists and turns of life.

Meanwhile, on the lab floor, both the Mugiwaras as Shaka and others of the bodies of vegapunkThey are desperately looking for Stella, the main body of the doctor. But this one does not appear anywhere and, in addition, due to the damage suffered by the attack of the seraphim, none of them can safely leave the plant without being attacked by lasers. Therefore, all they can do is keep looking for it somewhere else on the floor. For obvious reasons, Zoro does not participate in the search work and stays with an exhausted luffy. The latter takes the opportunity to talk about lucci and kaku and reminisce Water Seven.

Pacifists One Piece Manga 1074
The Pacifistshuman weapons created by Vegapunk in the image and likeness of kumahave been quite a problem throughout the series.

In the room Nikyu we see how bonney dive through the memories of his father, kuma. In a memory of his childhood, we see how he was mistreated by two figures who demanded that they return to some place from which he had fled or they will all die because of him. The small kumaThrough tears, he asks that they kill him right then and there, because anyway, if he comes back he will still die. The intensity of the memory makes bonney come out of the bubble doubting if you will be able to face all those memories. Meanwhile, the kuma from the present it continues to climb to wherever it is doing. He has been climbing about seven chapters, surely the top is worth it.

What really moves the world

Finally, we move to the base of the World Economy Journalwhere Morgan’s observes all that is occurring, aware of the intent of the world government to put an end to vegapunk. Morgan’sobserving the situation and seeing that the Mugiwaras are also in the place, decide what will be the news they will sell to the world: luffy is entrenched in Egg head and vegapunk is his hostage.

But a voice rises in the distance showing its disagreement with said invention. It is nothing more and nothing less than Nefertari Viviwhich, moreover, has a frightened Wapol. Apparently, Morgan’s has embraced both and keeps them hidden away from the eyes of the World Government. He reproaches I lived your attitude and reminds you that it is he who moves the world with his newswhether these are true or not.

Morgan's One Piece Manga 1074
Morgan’spresident of the World Economy Journalone of the emperors of Underworld and a key figure in the series for a long time.

And up to here the chapter 1074 of the manga of one piece. And you, what do you think? what else will you discover Bonneand about his father’s past kuma? What are you trying to achieve? Morgan’s with this headline? Remember that, as always, you can tell us about your impressions and theories in our account Twitter.

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