¿What character of Tokyo Revengers are you? Personality Quiz

¿What character of Tokyo Revengers are you? Personality Quiz.

A fun personality test to find which of the main characters of Tokyo Revengers you would be, answer the questions honestly and we will try to guess which character of Tokyo Revengers you seem the most..

Which Tokyo Revengers character will be your boyfriend ?

The questionnaire consists of 8 questions. To give you more information, in this questionnaire you will be asked questions about your tastes and qualities, you have to answer honestly. After answering all the questions, you will be shown a final page of the questionnaire, where you can see who you are at Tokyo Reventers. Good luck!

what character of Tokyo Revengers are you

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers maybe is the Shonen anime of the year until this moment, with only 10 episodes to date today it seems like it has caught the public’s interest. It’s strong point is to remind us of our adolescence in the high school years and makes us think that we could change if we had the opportunity to return to the past.

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  • Question of

    What characteristics of a person make you want to be their friend?

    • they are talented / good at what they do
    • they’re friendly
    • they are fun
    • They are faithful
    • We share tastes
  • Question of

    If you had to get a tattoo, where would you do it?

    do you like or hate shuji hanma
    • leg
    • chest
    • arm
    • back
    • neck
    • Face
    • No tattoos
  • Question of

    Are you good at what you do?

    • yes, i trust my abilities
    • yes, but I still have to improve
    • no, but people say otherwise
  • Question of

    What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

    • i go back to sleep
    • staring / daydreaming
    • go to the bathroom
    • check my phone
  • Question of

    you’re witnessing a gang of teenagers (obviously 10 times stronger than you) beating a kid on the playground. what would you do?

    • I go to them and hit them even if I don’t have a chance
    • I will remember their faces and avenge the children when I can
    • I beat them up, I’m the strongest
  • Question of

    What is the source of your strength?

    • My friends
    • Only Me
    • My family
    • My gang
  • Question of

    How responsible are you. . .

    • 0%
    • 20%
    • 40%
    • 60%
    • 80%
    • 100%
  • Question of

    How your friends describe you

    • The responsible
    • The strongest
    • The Cryer
    • The faithful guy

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