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Which Palpito (The Marked Heart) character would be your boyfriend?


The new Colombian series “Pálpito” will emerge its history of organ trafficking, but with an air of mystery and towards the supernatural.

The story of “Pálpito”, the sinister Colombian series on Netflix, will focus on Simón, a widower who will do everything to avenge the death of his wife and even enter the dangerous world of organ trafficking.

After she was murdered, with the sole objective of taking her heart out of her, so Simón will follow in the footsteps of these criminals that will lead him to meet Camila.

Where Camila, who is married to Zacarías, will discover that her husband, a wealthy man, is capable of anything to save her.

Which Palpito (The Marked Heart) character would be your boyfriend ?

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    Would you two go to bed together right away?

    • No, I don’t respect men like that.
    • Probably not.
    • I hope so.
    • For sure.
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    Do you like mens who are funny?

    • Not particularly
    • Of course I do.
    • I don’t think mens are funny very often.
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    How would you describe the girl you want to be with?

    • Nurturing
    • Cool
    • Hot
    • Fun
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    How many selfies does you take a week?

    • None
    • 1 or 2
    • 3-10
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    Are you friends with many of your exes?

    • All of them!
    • Not friends, but friendly
    • Nooo!
    • Just one
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    Are you willing to watch a movie you absolutely hate if your partner is excited for it?

    • I don’t hate any movies, so bring it on!
    • I could read while it’s on.
    • Why do I have to watch it?
    • Sure, I can sit for two hours.
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    • Yes
    • No

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