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SPY x FAMILY stars in a controversial image of the Holocaust

The artist “@khyleri” became a trend recently due to an adorable illustration he did for the franchise of SPY x FAMILYand which shows a Anya Forger crying while Yor Forger he holds her in his arms, apparently because they are going to separate. By itself, the illustration is touching, but it seems that it has some details that made more than one person uncomfortable.


Reviewing these details, we can realize that there are many references to the Holocaustthe genocide carried out by the regime of Nazi Germany against the Jews of Europe during the course of World War II, and this is evident for three reasons:

  • one. The first is that the illustration was published on January 27, considered the International Day of Remembrance in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust by the United Nations Organization.
  • 2. The second is that Anya Forger holds in her hands the book “Man’s Search for Meaning“, of Victor E. Franklwhich describes the experience of a survivor of this genocide.
  • 3. The third is that the arch that rises above the front door writes “ARBEIT MACHT FREIwhich translates as “Work Will Set You Free“, a motto that was placed on the accesses to numerous concentration and extermination camps established by the Nazi regime. The one shown in the illustration is, specifically, the Auschwitz I Concentration Camp.

Well, it seems that many people on social networks were offended when they saw the most direct reference (the one with the phrase in German), and concluded that the artist was posting the illustration as a form of mockery. In fact, unfortunately the artist has a history of publishing illustrations with the sole purpose of becoming controversial (and trending at the same time), such as the following:

Since the artist has this background, nobody believed the following explanation of the illustration of SPY x FAMILY: «Anya Forger’s school group is visiting the Auschwitz facility as part of a Holocaust Memorial Day excursion. Anya is crying because she knows the things that happened there, precisely because she already read the book that she is holding in her hand.».

Anyway, of course the image attracted a variety of comments, notably:

  • «Please unfollow this idiot. Thanks».
  • «The irony is that this is getting more people to remember that there was a Holocaust remembrance day than anything in years. The fact that most of the people pissed off by this probably couldn’t even tell where Auschwitz is is funny.».
  • «This is beyond despicable, and posting it that day was rude and beyond disrespectful. He shouldn’t have to tell others to unfollow him, but this guy is beyond saving.».
  • «Oh no, the edgy artist has come out to want to attract attention».
  • «You go out of your way to be intentionally controversial. Taking the time to put everything together knowing how people will react, not to mention the date it was published… It’s strange. It feels dirty to support someone who uses their time and effort to be offensive.».
  • «It sucks, but I’m going to be honest, I wouldn’t know that January 27th is International Holocaust Remembrance Day if it wasn’t for this drawing. But hey, the more you know».
  • «This is not being edgy, this is directly being a jerk».
  • «If you ever feel bad about your art, just remember that you never did anything like this.».
  • «I can’t begin to express how important it is to educate yourself on history and world events so you don’t accidentally find yourself rooting for assholes like this. It is very disturbing to see how many people do not recognize the literal gates of Auschwitz when they see them.».
  • «Posting this not only on Holocaust Remembrance Day, but also a piece of art depicting characters from SPY x FAMILY, a show whose goal is to teach people the atrocities of war and prevent it, is in very poor taste. From time to time I like practical jokes, but this is not funny at all».
  • «I like how people pretend this somehow crosses a line when this is all this guy posts. You’re giving him interactions, you’re inflating the piece, it’s extremely successful for him – what if you get offended by it? The best thing you could have done is not say anything».

Font: @kyleri on Twitter

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