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Steam bans another video game because the girl ‘looks like a loli’


the developer Incontinent Cell reported that his video game !Ω Factorial Omega: My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend will not make it to the catalog Steam because the content was classified as “child pornography”, because the anime designs appear to be minors within the history of the video game.

The developer shared the message he received, which he wrote:

  • Following the review, we will not be able to release your game “!Ω Factorial Omega: My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend” on Steam. Although we strive to distribute most titles submitted to us, we have discovered that this title contains themes, images, or descriptions that we cannot distribute.
  • Regardless of a developer’s intentions with their product, we will not distribute content that we believe depicts sexual conduct involving a minor. While each proposed product is unique, if your product presents this representation, even in a subtle way that could be defined as a “grey area”, it will be rejected by Steam.
  • For example, setting your game in a high school, but declaring that your characters are of legal age would fall into that category and would be prohibited. This app has been banned and cannot be reused. Retries to apply this game, even with modifications, will not be accepted.

The developer expressed his frustration on social networks, because a series of alterations to the video game have to be made to be able to apply to its launch in SteamSo he wrote:

  • «Setting up the Steam page, creating all the resources for the store, making the game compatible with Steam: cloud saves, achievements, etc. Everything is gone. It’s a waste of time…».

However, he also expressed his anger at the fact that Steam is quite arbitrary about the games it allows on its platform. For example, he showed a screenshot of “少女妖精弹珠台 Elf Girl Pinball“, a video game with explicit sexual content and that involves character designs “much more problematic” than those of the robot girlfriend.

Lastly, the developer showed off the character model used in the game, which is definitely less outrageous than the ones in the aforementioned game.

Of course, this attracted a variety of comments, notably:

  • «Steam has gotten too big to care about an individual market segment».
  • «They see him? I told you. They are working together behind the scenes. All of these tech companies started banning lolis at the same time after the UN attempt failed. Now they are putting pressure on companies to do it».
  • «It’s a fucking robot! It’s essentially a sentient sex doll. Not that any of these arguments matter when it comes to Steam’s arbitrary censorship.».
  • «This is solved with online harassment. That they fire this “Nadine” and that an example spreads. But of course, that’s not going to happen, since the fans of this don’t have balls at all».
  • «You can’t shame the fat ones, but you can embarrass the flat ones».
  • «I thought that Little Witch Nobeta would be in the spotlight before something like that. Can Gabe Newell take his medication for bipolar psychosis, please?».
  • «Giving ages to fictional characters was a mistake».
  • «It’s funny how they approve of Elf Girl Pinball, but not the robot girl in this game despite the fact that both games present the same context and I guess they decided with a flip».
  • «Does he look too young? She looks like a middle-aged dwarf. Have these fucking woke people ever seen a dwarf person? Seriously, she doesn’t look like a little girl at all! I guess now they’re going to start attacking dwarf women because they’re too short. fucking hypocrites».
  • «Don’t worry guys. Soon they will approve another 30 “Sex with Hitler” games and hundreds of disgusting furry games. Good grief, modern games are a dump…»

About !Ω Factorial Omega: My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend

In the dystopian year 2023, the sex robot market is booming. Their numbers rapidly outnumbered the entire automobile industry, and a golden age of peace seemed closer than ever. But a month later, an international scandal between the United States and China led to a global ban on sexbots. Life would never be the same again. Riots broke out across the country, forming countless militias and terrorist groups, most notably the Coalition of Benign Bionists and the Incontinent Cell, fighting for control of what was left of the sexbots. The few remaining sexbots, once a widely available commodity, can now only be seen in the deepest corners of the dark web black market.

Nowadays it’s technically impossible to get one in working order, as all the sexbot factories burned down after the ban. You are a young Anon living in a ghetto. Once again you are left penniless after losing your job. One night you see how a military truck swerves and almost crashes in front of your apartment. Part of the load falls into a nearby ditch and the truck drives off. You decide to investigate. As you get closer, the mysterious charge takes shape. It’s a sexbot. Will Anon sell the sexbot and he have a long and happy life? Will he be able to pay the rent or will he freeze to death in the lonely streets of a megalopolis? Your actions will decide everything.

Font: Official Twitter account via Sankaku Complex

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