Exclusive making-of of ‘La piedad’, by Eduardo Casanova

    Spread your legs! We exclusively present an impressive making-of of ‘La piedad’the new pink jewel written and directed by Eduardo Casanova produced by Álex de la Iglesia and his Pokeepsie Films.

    “Casanova is a filmmaker who has been able to convert his influences into a precise way of capturing his own universe on the big screen,” says our review of ‘La piedad’ from the Sitges Festival. “The artist expresses his most sincere terrors about toxic motherhood, understood as a shackled attachment based on the sick need to feel needed by someone. A proposal that feels as truthful as it is naked, embellished only by its flamboyantly meticulous mise en scène but free from all dissimulation as regards its message”.

    And it is that with a dozen short films to his credit, and having premiered as a feature film in 2017 with the shocking ‘Pieles’, it is time to begin to understand that Casanova’s cinema goes beyond its referents, essential when laying the foundations of an imaginary from which he has decided to express himself as an author. And how.

    Angela Molina, Eduardo Casanova and Manuel Llunell

    Paul Wada

    “I always try to make horror movies, something else comes out of me,” Eduardo Casanova told us exclusively. “It speaks of the most toxic that the human being can become through the relationship of a mother and a son and drawing a parallel with the dictatorship of North Korea.”

    The biggest risk I have suffered with this film is the loss of health“, he explains. “I have lost many things along the way, it has been difficult. And, what else, has been health completely… It has moved me to write it and raise it and, to get to where I am now, I have had to make the concession of leaving health in the background. “

    To do this, Casanova has relied on the brilliant interpretation of Manel Llunell, the young man overshadowed by the figure of a mother who, playing with the Munchausen syndrome by proxy, will be capable of anything not to be separated for a second from his offspring.

    manel llunell and angela molina in


    Ángela Molina thus offers her most powerful performance since ‘Carne de neon’ (Paco Cabezas, 2010), a gift from Casanova to the actress that she takes advantage of with the involvement and talent that one would want from a star of her size. A complex, baroque role, always on the edge, that Molina tackles with amazing successserving at the same time as a reminder of her acting qualities and as a discovery for new generations who, attracted by the bizarre magnetism of the title, come across for the first time one of the greats of our cinema in full action.

    Ana Polvorosa, Antonio Durán Morris, María León, Daniel Freire, Songa Park, Alberto Jo Lee, Macarena Gómez and Meteora Fontana complete the cast.

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